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This blog is designed to give you updates on Dake as he enters his journey to Johns Hopkins/Kennedy Krieger Institue Center in Baltimore, Maryland. This is a clinical trial in research focusing on the heart of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy patients. This is not a treatment, it is research. Dake chose to participate in hopes for himself and for those who unfortunately follow behind him.

I will also share a little into our lives. Dake wants his story told....

The good, the bad and the ugly......

For more information on the research at Johns Hopkins on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy scroll to bottom of the blog.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

If you could clone me......

  David returned to the doctor today and the doctor changed a medication. The doctor also received his blood work back and noticed he has a deficiency in a vitamin and he is now taking a supplement.  So we wait for the new medication and the supplement to take affect and hopefully he will be a new man. (Just the same great guy is just fine with me)

     Dake asked me the other day along with Phillip, Lyndsey,and Gracey, "If you could clone me and one of me was in the chair and one of me was walking which son would you want to be your son."  I replied, "You would not be who you are if you were not in the chair. So if you looked identical on the outside and one was walking and one was in a would be impossible for you to be identical on the inside."  He agreed...I said."You are not your chair but being in a chair has molded you to who you are today.  I like him,  he is a pretty awesome guy but I would love for you to be walking....more than anything. So if you could be the christian man you are out of the chair like you are in the chair I would pick for you to walk..........."  I asked him the same question too.  He said he did not know if he would be as faithful out of the chair........
We continued a great discussion with what would be different if he did not have the chair as part of his life but was a healthy walking young man.  We talked about where he thought he would be in life and what he would be doing as a profession.  It was a good conversation and everyone had an opinion of how his life would have been if.........  It was good but bitter sweet.

God has blessed me with amazing children and I am thankful for them all.

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