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This blog is designed to give you updates on Dake as he enters his journey to Johns Hopkins/Kennedy Krieger Institue Center in Baltimore, Maryland. This is a clinical trial in research focusing on the heart of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy patients. This is not a treatment, it is research. Dake chose to participate in hopes for himself and for those who unfortunately follow behind him.

I will also share a little into our lives. Dake wants his story told....

The good, the bad and the ugly......

For more information on the research at Johns Hopkins on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy scroll to bottom of the blog.

Friday, July 29, 2011


      Gracey and I made it to Houston safe and sound.  We  are thick in the moving stress but so enjoying our time together.  Lyndsey took her final on Thursday morning.   We were up so late the night before with her finishing work paperwork, me packing and Gracey running all through the apartment with "Basil", Lyndsey's cat.
     Lyndsey has to take a written final and a practical final. She took the written final on Thursday.  She past with amazing flying colors. I am so proud of her. She takes her practical exam in Austin, Texas in August on the 20th.
     I have called regularly to check on Dake.  He is having fun with Eli Griffin coming and visiting him.  He has really enjoyed meeting and getting to know him better.  Thanks Eli for taking the time to spend some time out of your schedule to visit. Will Grice and Eli took him out to eat yesterday.  Will is nice to Dake out to eat every now and then.  It helps a mom who  is out of reach for awhile. Mimi and GaLou have been busy with vegetables Mimi has brought in from her abundant garden. They were doing "Rattlesnake" green be  ans last I heard.
    David is coaching and helping me get through some of the bumpy stuff of moving. So unfortunately he probably has had the worst job of all. Thanks for the help and love you for dealing with the "stressful" me.
    Today is Lyndsey's last day of work. Wow. I hope it is a good farewell for her. I have meet some of her wonderful friends and they are all so sweet to her as she finishes her final days here in Houston. (This does a mom good too.)
  Lyndsey's apartment is adorable. She had it decorated with discount and yard sale specials but you would never know with its dazzling pizazz.  It is too cute.  I have done most of the packing because she is finishing her apprenticeship items and working. I have been amazed how organized and how she has a minimalist approach to life. I know she is my daughter but she is pretty awesome. She definitely has a little of her dad in her and a little of her mom mixed with her own principals added.
     Lyndsey has a pool outside her apartment door.  This pool has been calling Gracey's name since we arrived. I promise her I would take her when we go do the laundry because they are side by side. She is trying to patiently wait until I finish here. So I will finish and take her to the pool and experience the joys (again) of washing clothes at the laundry mat. Lyndsey told me that was going to be her first purchase when she gets a job.

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