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Welcome to Dake's Blog

This blog is designed to give you updates on Dake as he enters his journey to Johns Hopkins/Kennedy Krieger Institue Center in Baltimore, Maryland. This is a clinical trial in research focusing on the heart of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy patients. This is not a treatment, it is research. Dake chose to participate in hopes for himself and for those who unfortunately follow behind him.

I will also share a little into our lives. Dake wants his story told....

The good, the bad and the ugly......

For more information on the research at Johns Hopkins on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy scroll to bottom of the blog.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Nick and Brittany are here now visiting. They are Dake, Lyndsey and Gracey’s first cousins.   Dake always enjoys family visiting. It seems to lift his spirits and seems to motivate him too. Right now all of them are in the kitchen plus Phillip and a friend of Gracey’s, Chesney cooking supper. The chatter and laughter is joy to my heart.

One Year at Johns Hopkins for Dake’s Heart Research

 We are coming up on the one year mark of Dake’s research at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland.  The whole family plus Phillip is planning on making the trip. We want to be together as we wait for his results and celebrate (hopefully) together.  He has been working out in the swimming pool hoping to inflate his results.  We plan on putting Dake in his old chair because of the damage done in the past.  He will have a hard time adjusting back to it but it is best considering our luck with airlines and wheelchairs.

Lyndsey will be having a birthday the following Monday so she is going to pick a place in Baltimore to celebrate her special day.  It is so fun having a certified chef in the family.

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